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She and her mom have not been communicating much in the last few years and she regrets that she will never be able to tell her that she is sorry again. Bailey finds that her mom has left two envelopes for her which have drawings on the back. Throughout her life, she and her mom never stayed in one place long enough for her to make friends. Life was tough and her mom taught her how to make codes. So what do these pictures mean? Bailey doesn't have time to f Bailey returns home to bury her mother. Bailey doesn't have time to find out because she discovers one man watching her at her mom's funeral and another has broken into her mom's house.

With no clues to what is happening or what lies before her, she begins an amazing journey. As the book began, I found it difficult to follow who the characters were and how they related to one another. DON'T put that book down if you find yourself a little confused. Things will soon get straightened around and you will be "Captured" in a thrilling page turner. Well worth reading, I am glad that Maggie "quit her day job" so she could write these stories for us! Bailey is on a cat and mouse hunt trying to find out the truth about her life while trying to lose the men that are following her.

Guy, a private investigator, knows who Bailey really is but every attempt to convince her ends up with them being chased or her trying to figure it out on her own. Can he convince Bailey that her life is surrounded in betrayal or will she figure it out on her own? Captivating story, it was intricate and every time you had it figured out a shift would happen adding another layer to the puzzling story.

Bailey was intriguing, she is torn between what Guy is telling her and putting her trust in the woman she knows as her mother. I had a hard time putting this one down, I wanted to know what really was the story about Bailey, excellent read. This book kept me guessing from the beginning to the end! It has been a while since I had read a suspense book and this one reminded me of why I love them.

This story moved a long at a good pace. There were enough characters to keep you interested but not so many that you got them confused. The family ties between the characters got a little blurry at times but other than that it was easy to follow along. There was enough romance to keep it interesting but the story didn't revolve around it.

It This book kept me guessing from the beginning to the end! It is a well written and held my attention to the very end. Bailey Saunders is about to find out. Captured Lies had my attention from the very beginning, with a newspaper article dated February 14, With that said, I had high expectations for this book.

The first chapter was amazing. I have to admit I'm a little torn as to my feelings for this book. At times, I think there was information put in that wasn't nee Reviewed on: At times, I think there was information put in that wasn't needed. At the same time, the book left me wanting more. Bailey Saunders, aka Cassidy Lefevre, was kidnapped from Gracefield Hospital when she was only two days old.

While reading this book, I became more and more impressed with Bailey as the story went on. Due to people in her life that she don't even know, she shouldn't have even been born. As an infant, she even escaped death. Born into a life of privilege, she grew up with barely enough to survive. At a young age, she became streetsmart, a skill she will need to survive now and find out why people want her dead. Guy, who has a dark past of his own, isn't truly Dorothea's grandchild, but was taken in by her because she knew his mother and grandmother.

In the twenty-nine years since Cassidy's disappearance, Dorothea has never stopped looking for her only grandchild. It appears some secrets are better left unknown and several people want Bailey dead before those secrets are brought to light. The list of suspects is a little long. The tangled web that surrounds this story is unbelievable. Thom did a great job in that respect. I literally had to write information down on a piece of paper to keep up with everything.

Looking back, it might have been possible to figure out who was behind Cassidy's initial kidnapping, but the question of why wasn't answered until almost the end. Captured Lies is a story full of surprises. You get introduced to some pretty bad characters.

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I mean people that nightmares are made of. The story has violent moments with physical abuse and hints of sexual abuse. There is a mini romance, but there isn't a lot of detail; it's pretty much left to your imagination. I loved that Maggie included a little humorous dialog between Bailey and Guy as a way to break up all of the tension going on in the book. What I didn't like about the book was that I felt it was missing closure.

I don't know if this is part of a series. Would I read Maggie Thom? The answer to that question is a definite yes. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The first scene in Captured Lies is attention grabbing. It is obvious later on in the book that the main character was involved in the first scene. Although we're not sure why or what happened to lead to that scene so there's still plenty of mystery left. Then there was also the fact that a lot of people seemed to be after Bailey and discovering their motives becomes the main motive of the reader or at least it was mine.

Much o I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Much of Captured Lies had a lot of attention to detail. The author was through and made sure that the reader could easily picture everyone and everything. It wasn't hard to see the book as a movie going through my head. I enjoyed the descriptions and the ease that the author had when describing things. It was interesting to see all of these connections come to light. I enjoyed it and the difficultly of trying to figure out who was connected with whom and why.

Then there were the characters. Bailey was an interesting character. She had absolutely no idea who she really was and when it came to light she didn't go looking for a payout or anything. She just wanted to get to know the family she never had. It was refreshing in a book full of characters that were greedy. He was amusing, refreshing, and appreciated everything he was given.

I have to admit that he was my favorite character in Captured Lies. Captured Lies is a good read for people who enjoy suspense and mysteries. It was an interesting book, with lots of connections to figure out. Find this review and many others on Reading Shy With Aly First, I want to say that I received this book as a gift from the author.

I moderate a book of the month club that features independent authors and this was one among my reading list for that book club. I got this book during a rather rough time a few weeks ago and Maggie has been a doll about how long it's taken me to read her book. I just want to say I am grateful for indie authors like Maggie who have been the epitome of good-people to me. I almost hate to use this word, but the mystery and suspense of the story was certainly convoluted enough to keep me guessing about the antagonists.

I can honestly say that I have less experience with suspense than I have with most other genres, but I was thoroughly captivated by her writing style and story line. Bailey is a bad-ass chic trying for a normal life amid her mother's insistent rules that she garner zero attention in her life. When her mother dies, Bailey begins to unravel the truth behind a lifetime of living hand-to-mouth, moving unexpectedly, and rules that have never made sense to her.

With the unwanted help of Guy, a private detective who finds himself on a more dangerous gig than he expected, Bailey works through the emotional and mental trauma of losing her mother, discovering the lies surrounding her life, and working out how to live on the other side of the mess her mother left her. This is the first book in the Caspian Wine series and as soon as I get my reading list down, I will be getting the next.

Maggie Thom is an indie author that will draw you into her story and keep you until you finish--no bookmarks required. At the start it can be confusing trying to keep up with who is connected to who but this does become clearer the further into the story. Bailey is a fantastic character, after living her life for so long and then to have one man come into her life and tell her that it has all been a lie. That she was kidnapped as a baby. Only to then find out that not only was she kidnapped once but then a second time too.

She has to deal with finding this out whilst having people chasing her trying to stop her f At the start it can be confusing trying to keep up with who is connected to who but this does become clearer the further into the story. She has to deal with finding this out whilst having people chasing her trying to stop her from uncovering the truth and jeopardizing everything that they have built over the last 29 years thinking that Bailey was dead.

Captured Lies is well written, the characters have depth, personality and history. Not all of the characters are good people, there are some bad characters the sort that nightmares are made of. The book contains some violent scenes which I thought were handled really tactfully. There is a well written tangled web of lies, deceit, suspense, intrigue, kidnapping and a hint of humour too; just to break up the tension. The book left me wanting more but at the same time I felt sometimes that there was some information that just wasn't necessary. I also feel like the book lacked closure, I'm not sure if that's because it will be part of a series though.

I have enjoyed reading this book and will be keeping an eye out for other books written by Maggie Thom in the future. The action and suspense just kept coming! Every time I sat down to read, it was for longer than I intended. Bailey and Guy, the main characters, are likeable and have real flaws, not stereotypical as you find in many stories. I could not predict how they would handle situations which made them believable. The author took her time to build credible relationships and unfold the plot. There were plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing. Guy, a private detective, is hired by an adoptive relative to find her long, lost granddaughter Cassidy, who was kidnapped at birth.

Bailey finds out from Guy, after the woman she thought was her mother dies, that she has been living a lie. Not even her name is real. No one is as they seem and she is not sure who she can trust. Her reappearance spells disastrous consequences for two very powerful and dangerous men who will stop at nothing to make her disappear. This is Book 1 in the Caspian Wine Series. I fully intend to read the next book!

This was an enjoyable read with a lot of suspense and tension. I really liked the overall idea of the story and thought it was well-planned and believable. I had trouble warming up to Bailey. For a woman pushing 30 she often acted much younger. Some of it I could readily chalk up to her exceptionally difficult childhood, but still she grated on my last nerve. With Bailey, progress seemed to consistently be one step forward, two giant steps back.

When cornered or assaulted Baile This was an enjoyable read with a lot of suspense and tension. When cornered or assaulted Bailey became the type of character I love — boy, was she ever kick-ass tough when it counted! Those were the times when her street smarts and tenacity caused me to cheer. Those pivotal moments showed a self-assured, strong-willed person ferociously fighting those determined to silence her forever; to uncover the elusive answers and discover her true self. There is a sequel and I am sure Bailey will face new challenges and continue to grow into a better person.

I hope that Guy will be there for her as her personal transformation evolves. This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review. I really enjoyed this story. It was a non stop adventure with Bailey as she travels to discover who she is. It all starts when she comes home to bury her mother. This is the first house and location that her mom stayed in for as long as she did.

Her mom left her clues, but clues to what she isnt sure. At the same time, Guy is trying to talk to her about who he claims she is. Which is completely different than anything she has ever known. But before he can even tell her much, there are people afte I really enjoyed this story. But before he can even tell her much, there are people after her trying to keep her from this knowledge, not only of who she is but what her mom was trying to tell her as well.

There are a lot of characters thrown at you in the beginning, but it all smooths out and you quickly learn who everyone is. All of which have their own agenda. Its a non stop ride as we follow Bailey and Guy across the country and though memories of her past to watch her find out the truth. It was a great story and really kept your attention. I am really looking forward to reading more from this author.

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This story has more twists and turns than a West Virginia mountain road. And the real irony is that she has no idea why.

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A real page-turner which initially confuses t Wow! A real page-turner which initially confuses the reader with the introduction of several characters who are not identified, but this actually lends to the mystery. All eventually becomes clear, and then it turns into a race against time to save Bailey. Thom is a great storyteller with a real talent for weaving an intricate plot. My only complaint is there are a few editing issues — extra commas, a few typos, a couple grammatical mistakes, but not enough to take away from the tale. A blockbuster for sure!

The entire concept of this story is superb in MHO. Its kept me reading on and off all day today until I finished it. With her Mum unexpectedly dying she is left with a lot of unsaid words. The thing is, she's left with an awful lot more than that!

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As its clear from almost the start that her Mother was not her biological Mother. I'm not going to say much more as the book needs reading. You will be enthralled by it. Wel Absolutely loved it! Well, when she spoke at times and the way she acted it was felt to be like a youth.

I expected more maturity I guess. This didn't distract me, just annoyed me and reminded me if some of the YA books I've read. This is far more sophisticated a read I thought. I really can't wait for book 2. I have Maggie Thom's Tainted Waters to read. Retrieved October 18, Retrieved October 25, Retrieved November 10, Retrieved November 1, LA' and 'Madam Secretary' adjust up: Retrieved November 8, LA' and 'Madam Secretary' adjust down: Retrieved November 15, Los Angeles,' 'Madam Secretary' and '60 Minutes' adjust up: Retrieved November 30, Retrieved December 6, Retrieved March 15, Retrieved March 23, Retrieved March 30, Retrieved April 6, Retrieved April 13, Retrieved April 27, Retrieved May 4, Retrieved from " https: Articles with German-language external links Pages using infobox television with editor parameter All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from October Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 5 July , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 1 title card. Ben Crawford finds five-year-old Tom Murphy's body in some woods near his neighborhood. Detective Andrea Cornell initially thinks Ben is guilty of killing Tom, and the media quickly stakes out the Crawford home. His wife Christy's divorce lawyer assists Ben, who later takes Cornell on the route he took the morning he found Tom. She continues to question him regarding his memory and inquires about his repeated calls to Jess Murphy, Tom's mother. Returning home, he finds the police searching his property.

Christy gave them permission. Ben finds it difficult maintaining his job as a painter, as he has become a professional outcast. Ben and Jess discuss Tom and the murder. She believes Scott, Tom's father, killed him and would have killed Ben, had it been made known about the paternity. The coroner confirms the cause of death to be blunt trauma from a flashlight of which Ben's happens to be missing.

Against his lawyer's advice, Ben submits to a polygraph test, which is inconclusive.

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Ben breaks up an argument between Jess and Scott, only to be punched and choked by him. Ben presses Cornell to question Scott about the murder. Later after Christy hesitantly gives permission, Ben consoles Jess, who is planning Tom's funeral. She tries to kiss him, but he pulls away. Cornell tells Ben that, because of a leak, the press now knows that Ben is Tom's father.

Ben's family is shocked at the news. He speaks with daughter Abby about it, and she cries. Christy confronts Ben about the night of Tom's conception, when she and the girls were at her brother's house following a fight with Ben, right after her abortion. Ben later wakes on the couch to see Scott standing above him. Scott threatens to kill him, if Ben does not get sent to prison. Ben tells Jess that Scott knew Tom's paternity before it was announced.

Jess tells Ben that she only told her sister Nicole about it. They find Nicole and Scott in bed together. Cornell gets involved, but she still suspects Ben. As the Crawfords and Dave set up Christmas lights in the house, Ben finds his flashlight with blood on it in his truck and hides it in his garage. Later, upon returning home from a run, he sees Cornell and Christy entering the garage. Cornell wants to see a receipt for the flashlight to help eliminate him as a suspect.

When she leaves, Ben and Christy argue, and he later hides the flashlight by gift-wrapping it in a box. He goes to Tom's gravesite and Scott arrives to say Nicole was his alibi, and he didn't want to come forward and hurt Jess. Ben insists he didn't kill Tom and they make peace. At home, Ben sees that Christy had bought a pregnancy test.

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She refuses to discuss it. Ben admits to Dave that the flashlight came back. Dave reveals he can hear everything through their bathroom window. He insinuates believing the pregnancy test is Natalie's, and Ben looks for her. With Dave and Abby, Ben goes to a party to find Natalie, whom he confronts and intends to take home. A fight ensues and a drunken Natalie alludes that Ben's a killer. The next day, Ben tells Christy he knows the test was for Natalie and she invites him to sleep in their bedroom again. Cornell arrives, showing Ben and Christy footage from when he threatened someone at the party.

Cornell needs a statement from Dave, so Ben goes to get him at the guest house. He notices Natalie's party glitter all over Dave's chest and, upon finding evidence Natalie stayed over, throws him out of the house in front of Cornell. Ben calls Dave to ask if he indeed called Jess from the bar that night. Dave cannot remember that evening's events.

Ben sees and pursues Matt Daly when he runs into the woods. Matt drops a blue jacket stained with blood. Ben helps him home in the rain. Matt's mother Lisa greets them with an umbrella but doesn't answer Ben's questions about the jacket, which disappeared before Ben returns for it.

He later finds Matt's brother Tyler, smoking and with visible cuts on his hands, in the woods. Ben suspects him as the killer when Dave mentions Tyler's drug addiction. The next morning, Christy's car is vandalized, with the word "Guilty" written on the side of it. Ben finds a cigarette near the car and later sees a trail of blood leading to his garage. He discovers dozens of flashlights carefully placed in rows inside. Cornell quickly arrives, responding to a text he sent her. When he says he didn't send it, she asks him to step away from the crime scene.

Ben barges into the Daly house to talk to Matt, who has an escalating violent episode. Tyler arrives to calm down his brother. Ben now thinks Matt killed Tom. Lisa initially tries to cover for Tyler, but he reveals that he crashed his car while drunk and is in hiding, with her help.

Cornell later tells Ben that Matt couldn't have been the murderer, as it was raining the night of the murder. According to Lisa, Matt hates the rain and tries to avoid it. Also, his GPS bracelet shows he was at home sleeping at the time of the murder. Later, Cornell finds the vandal — Natalie's boyfriend, Cooper, who confesses to tagging their fence and messing up Christy's car. He was angry at Ben for not allowing him to see Natalie, and he apologizes.

Captured Lies

Ben assumes the ordeal is over, but Cornell states that the flashlight incident is unrelated. Ben later receives a threatening text from an anonymous sender, who also remotely locks him into his car. After escaping his vehicle, Ben is told by Cornell that someone highly skilled hacked its security system.

She offers him police protection, but he declines, viewing that as her way to enhance his arrest. Ben later receives a video text of him sleeping in his room with audio of his conversation with Dave about the flashlight. Cornell's team finds a military-grade covert camera. Ben stays with Dave at his new apartment, while the team inspects the house and protects his family. Ben relates to Dave when he had the affair with Jess and Tom was conceived. It was at the Haynes' Fourth of July barbecue, which Ben attended alone and Kevin caught them having sex.

Kevin later abducts Ben from outside Dave's and tries to scare him into confessing to Tom's murder, by torturing him. Kevin reveals that his own wife, Elaine, cheated on him while he was serving in Kuwait. Ben manages to briefly escape and call Cornell on Kevin's cell phone. She soon arrives to arrest Kevin and to also tell Ben that she knew Kevin was his stalker. Back home, Ben is asked by reporter-neighbor Arthur Fenton to help take down Cornell.

Fenton convinces Ben to assist him in bringing down Cornell. Ben visits Jennifer Barrett in jail. He is surprised to see the likes of her there, and she reveals that Cornell is her mother. Jennifer tells him about Seth Goring, the prime suspect in the murder of a little girl. She advises Ben to confess. After hearing Ben visited Jennifer, Cornell brings him into a room filled with evidence from the crime scene, attempting to scare him into a confession. Ben realizes that this is Cornell's personal payback for visiting the jail.