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It can , in certain situations and with certain types of players, but more often than not the wars playing out in Twilight Imperium are of the cold variety.

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In our games, fleets were more commonly used as a flexing of intergalactic muscles than as an actual invading force. There are no complicated charts that need referencing, or any other of the business that so often sucks the enjoyment out of any big, tabletop space battle. The battles are thrilling, high stakes affairs — and welcomely brief.

Once a player moves into Mecatol Rex, it opens up the agenda deck.

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At the end of each round, two cards will be drawn from the top of a pile. These are one of my favorite things about TI: Players can bargain or barter with their fellow players any way they please in hopes of swaying the vote one way or the other — these discussions can get heated when a law has the potential of tilting power in a new direction. The game ends when someone wins with ten victory points, or nine rounds have been played. Victory points are scored through public objectives, of which new ones are revealed at the end of each round, or via private objectives, which can be drawn from a deck using the appropriate strategy card.

Again, I can hear you thinking. Those rounds are very, very deep. There are technological advancements to be made; diplomacy and trade to exploit; and production engines to build upon. Think of Twilight Imperium as a giant box of Legos. With its blend of political intrigue, strange alien races, and battles that span star systems, Twilight Imperium is a space opera in a box. Yes, there are plenty of other games out which can serviceably recreate the thrills of watching a Star Wars movie.

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Twilight Imperium is the only one that recreates the feeling of plowing through the entire original trilogy in a single sitting. Twilight Imperium functions fine as a three- or four-player game. That said, this game is meant to be played by five or six players. Twilight Imperium is a dramatically more exciting game at a higher player count. And, as weird it may sound, this is the reason why a three-player game played in five hours will feel longer than a five-player game played in seven hours. Do we recommend Twilight Imperium: Yes, without a doubt.

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Make sure that you have friends equally unperturbed by the time commitment, as well as a big table and comfortable chairs. Your butts will thank us later. Let me propose something. When Star Wars was released in , it not only captured the hearts and minds of little boys the world over, but those of fully-grown primarily Eastern European disco artists. The futuristic, electronic sounds of synthesizers were growing more in vogue as the s approached, and Star Wars and disco were two of the biggest things on the planet.

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Savvy producers figured out that you could drop in some lyrical references to robots and space ships, maybe insert a few laser gun sound effects, and you were almost assured of having a novelty dance hit on your hands. R by the early s. Beyond the cheesy lyrics, one of my favorite things about Space Disco is Space Disco fashion — quite a few of these singers and bands would wear costumes that looked like something straight out of a low-budget sci-fi TV show. But I implore you, please give it a listen. Email Required, will not be published. Remember my personal information Notify me of follow-up comments?

With Sargent's introductions, Foster becomes ingratiated in the movement and meets Andrew Blackwell, the leader of a premier white supremacist militia, as well as gaining Wolf's attention by convincing him he can fund an expansion of his radio show.

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Foster also becomes fast friends with Gerry Conway, a white collar engineer and family man, also with white supremacist sympathies. After earning Blackwell's trust by saving him during an attack on a white power rally by anti-fascists , Foster is brought to a crude military complex operated by Andrew's militia. There, Blackwell reveals that he has blueprints for the municipal water network of Washington, DC and is plotting an attack. The FBI begins to suspect that Wolf and Blackwell are working together after Foster meets Wolf at his home and discovers that his house sets off Foster's Geiger counter.

Foster attempts to integrate himself into a possible plot by offering Wolf a substantial financial investment.

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It is revealed that he is merely an entertainer and does not believe in the cause, and that he has undergone radiation therapy for prostate cancer, which caused the Geiger counter to alarm in the first place. Blackwell is meanwhile also dismissed as a possible threat, as he appears to use the DC water network plans as a way to lure in potential recruits with promise of participating in an impending terror attack. With no further leads, the case is ordered to be closed by Foster's and Zamparo's superior. Angered at wasting his efforts, Foster prepares to have his cover identity leave the city.

Foster meets Conway to make his final farewells. Sensing his genuine feelings of uselessness, Conway confides in Foster his membership in a domestic terrorist cell. It is revealed that Conway and his allies are in possession of the caesium and are plotting to detonate a dirty bomb.

Though his cover is nearly blown several times by the paranoid terrorists, Foster manages to locate the caesium in Conway's home, and the FBI stop and arrest the terrorists before they are able to carry out the plot. Satisfied that he has made a difference, Foster makes one last visit to Johnny, a teenager and former member of Sargent's gang who no longer believes in the cause. On July 30, , it was announced that Radcliffe had been cast in the lead role, portraying a young FBI agent who goes undercover to find and stop white supremacists trying to make a dirty bomb. The film marks the feature-length directorial debut of Daniel Ragussis.

Principal photography began in late September , with filming taking place in Richmond, Virginia and the nearby city of Hopewell. In September , it was reported that Signature Entertainment had pre-bought the rights to the film for the United Kingdom. Imperium was generally well received. The site's critical consensus reads, "The unsettling Imperium boasts troublingly timely themes and a talented cast led by Daniel Radcliffe as an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a ring of white supremacists.