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Will Molly accept her feelings for Devil and take a chance on love? Will Devil be able to prove to her that he is not the playboy she thinks he is? God the man was amazing. He was so sweet, protective, alpha, possessive, and such a go getter.

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The man was ruthless and took what he wanted. God I wanted to smack her when she was resisting Devil. I mean seriously she had the perfect man right in front of her. But she was awesome and I loved how she didn't take any crap from Devil. I loved Molly and Devil together. While she resisted, their fate was inevitable. They had sparks and chemistry, enough to burn down buildings. The funniest scene in the entire book is so worth mentioning.

It is when Devil finds out about his grandmother being in the hospital and Molly drives him there. I laughed so hard from the banter between these two. I really want Grant's backstory! So I am keeping my fingers crossed. Mar 07, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was a ball buster!! I laughed so many times through this book!! Not to mention the cover is HAWT!! I have never read a book by this author before, but after this one, I am definitely looking up the rest of her books!! Molly works for "Devil" Delancy but he isn't just her employer but a close family friend.

She has never looked at him as anything but annoying jerk who makes her shield him from his last "conquest. Molly is a re This book was a ball buster!! She had a big heart for the ones she loves but never has an issue about telling it like it is, that is until it concerns her love life and Devil. Devil has always been known as the "bachelor" to tie down but he has never felt the need. When Molly swept into his office she also swept his heart with her. Molly doesn't know that and Devil can't quite tell her either.

But when his Nana is hospitalized and given not long to live, she gives him her last dying wish, to see him happily married. Devil does the one thing he think of, ask Molly of course! But Molly is not exactly on board at first. Can Devil show her that he isn't in it just for his Nana's sake?

The antics between those two and their friends and family kept me laughing through the entire book!! His Nana has to be the best nana ever!! The two of them together would light Hell on fire!! Nov 05, Ava rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked Sizzle. It was a book that got: A kind a back to back story but the main topic was very enjoyable. So I only have one bad thing to say about this book, it's just my point of view, the bedroom actions were hot and normal but by the end it was just " read them already " or maybe it was the fact that I really liked Sizzle.

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So I only have one bad thing to say about this book, it's just my point of view, the bedroom actions were hot and normal but by the end it was just " read them already " or maybe it was the fact that this book was quite long or maybe it was an illusion from the many chapters. But I really really enjoyed this book, one to read. It was just great how that man matched so well with his nickname and was in a long road of battle for the opportunity he took.

Take first, deal later. It was really that. What was greater, it was the whole family things. The humor and the love that came from those characters. Thought that the book gave all the characters but no, addiction will come. So no disappointment from reading this book!! The author did a pretty good job, she nailed it. A book that entertained the reader from the beginning til the end. Jul 30, Nessie Smith rated it it was ok. The lead female starts strong and feisty but by half way though all o a sudden she is putty in his hand and to submissive.

You don't change u personality that quick If ever that quickly so I give this a 2 star rating at best. Wish that author had keeps the characters on track instead of messing it all up, like deciding to finger paint over a lovely painting. Sep 30, Saunders rated it liked it Shelves: I started off laughing my head off with this story. It had some really good one liners, punch lines and a hot male called Devil. Unfortunately it went off on one and it lost its impetus as the story progressed. I will check out more for this author s. Jul 09, Anum rated it it was ok. Too many flaws in building the plot.

Story line is very common but could have been better. In short it was my desperate-no-other-book-available-read. Oct 31, Ana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aug 13, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: Great banter between the characters! I just think it's necessary to say the cover to this book is not my favorite. I think that's my only complaint about the book! Great read Molly and Devil have known each other since she was born, but now that she's grown Devil has made his move and told Molly they are going to be married.

What follows is the result. Full of ups and downs but you can't put the book down. You have to see how they manage to overcome all the problems. It had me in giggling fits and wanting to fist bump the main female character in the story!! I have that same personality so instantly took to her!! Nov 20, Shay rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book! Devil and Molly had me from the get go. Their banter was hilarious and sexy at the same time! Reviewed by Shay from Mommys a Book Whore. Apr 19, Elaine Estioko rated it did not like it.

But it's just too juvenile. May 24, Ruth rated it it was ok Shelves: Loved the H but couldn't stand the mouthy immature h. I absolutely loved this book!! I truly hope that some books in the works for Vivian's story as well as Samantha's!! Fabulous as always Every story these women write is gold ,the humor the relationships the Alpha men. The story lines are great. Sizzle such an appropriate title. The chemistry is off the chart in this Sarah O'Rourke book.

As always the humor, and great chemistry and steamy scenes that are part of all her books keep me enthralled from start to finish. I thank the day that I discovered these books they are such an enjoying way to spend an afternoon. Loved the characters and family feel of this book. Even the secondary characters were such an important part of the story. Aug 16, Jamie Zishka rated it it was amazing.

Sizzle was a great book! I would give it five stars! This has to be one of the most hilarious sexy romances that I have read since Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. I am certainly not comparing the two but I never thought I would laugh out loud at another book like I did that one. It will make you laugh and then it will sizzle your panties in the next scene.

I devoured this book in one day.. I couldn't put it down. This story was told in third person POV so you get the Sizzle was a great book! This story was told in third person POV so you get the thoughts of both characters. I am now a huge fan of Sarah O'Rourke! Molly Ramsey is a young woman determined to make it in life without the help of family or friends.

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Her independence is everything to her and no man will ever change that. She works for her brothers best friend even though she fought her brother and William on it she knew she had bills to pay and she wouldn't take hand outs. So she finds her self being the Devils assistant and regretting every moment of it. Not only did she assist him in his business life but seems to have become his personal break up counselor to his many throngs of woman. What kind of sin had she committed at the ripe old age of twenty-four to be saddled with Willy the Wonder Ass and his relationship woes? She would quit her job but then her bills would fall behind and she couldn't have that.

But when is enough enough. When a tragedy happens to William's grandma her world will literally get thrown into a tailspin of sizzling attraction she never knew she had and unexpected marriage proposal by the Devil himself. Molly absently wondered if this was what it felt like to be burned alive. Every inch of skin that Devil's mouth touched felt like it had been branded by him His tongue was a heat-seeking missile and her body its target. He is known as the ladies man and he only proves the point by having his assistant Molly deal with his break ups.

He isn't afraid of breaking up with the woman and he leaves them with a gift and a note but of course they always want more but he refuses to deal with it The man had truly earned his nickname of Devil. Widely reported by the ladies to be Satan between the sheets, he was well known for his love 'em and leave 'em offense. He was also given credit as one of the shrewdest, most manipulative financiers in the industry by his contemporaries in the business and reputed to have a singularly unholy touch when it came to money.

It did not help that he was also sinfully sexy in a tall, dark and dastardly kind of way Most woman saw Devil Delancy as a challenge, the thrill ride worth taking the risks. Devil knows he earned his nickname at some point in his life, but little does his family or friends know he has been secretly lusting after Molly. He has been biding his time waiting for the perfect opportunity to show Molly that he has changed in the year that she has been working for him but doesn't know when that time will come for now he lives with his fantasies.

It was the God's honest truth. His fantasies didn't count, damn it. A man's imagination was his own, and he could hardly control the vivid dreams he had when he slept, could he? Hell, Molly was an attractive, desirable young woman that any red-blooded man would find appealing, but he'd behaved honorably even in the face of temptation.

When his grandma falls ill Devil see's his chance to finally make it known how he feels about Molly, but of course he does it in a devil fashion. His grandma's dying wish is to see him get married and what better way to make his grandma at ease by telling her that he is engaged and to Molly. Even though it seems to be all a ruse to keep grandma happy things will happen..

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But in the end can The Devil himself give in to his desire of love he has for Molly or will it be Molly that will give up? You will have to pick these book up ASAP! You will absolutely love every minute of it and hopefully you will become a huge fan of Sarah as I am now! I can't wait for more from this author Jul 24, Twinsie Talk Angie J rated it it was amazing. Ok so I gave this 5 stars only because 10 stars wasnt possible.

I can say without a doubt that this book will be a top read for me from July-December. It has it all. I laughed til my sides hurt. I even may have shed a tear or two for Molly and her insecurities because every woman would feel the way she feels about Devil. This book is about 2 childhood friends who have worked together every day for the past year. Both are in total love with the other BUT keep quiet about it. Well she is She is his best friends sister. He is THE town man-whore.

He thinks she deserves better. She thinks she could never get a guy like Devil. Mollys is a church going, momma fearing girl who wants to have a HEA but due to an ex she has issues to say the least. Devil is the player of the century. He has been seen with every bimbo, hottie in the tri-state area OR is he faking???? The couple are told that Devil's Nana is going to possibly die. Nana wants to see Devil married so he lies forcing Molly to lie and say they are engaged.

Now Devil is an 'opportunist" so he is going to make Molly his even if under the fasle pretense. Molly is flipping out because to be married to him will utterly destroy her when he walks away. One of my favorite scenes is when Molly is beating the crap outta Devil at the hospital for forcing her to lie to his Nana who she thinks of as her Nana as well.

But even better is later that night beening totally trashed with her 2 best friends. That is a night that every single girl has had with their best friends for sure I mean I sure have had that. But when Devil comes over to talk to Molly OMG I was sobbing from laughing so hard.

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Drunk Molly is a fun Molly. Another great scene is the following morning Devil admits to an 'attraction" to Molly I mean he knew Molly so well and did everyting he could to make her realize with out saying it , that he loves her. Molly was awesome and spirited but at times I did wanna throttle her like Devil. She was quick to cut and run when things got deep or when woman came to make claims on Devil. She was quick to presume the worst about him. I loved how Molly knows Devil so well too.

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She would argue with him about things but he wouldnt really listen at time so the things she did to force him to listen.. I really and truly hope there will be more to these characters because I would love to see Mannie's wedding plus see Viv and Sami settle down. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Lyra Prescott, a Los Angeles film student, is closing in on graduation and dives into work on her final filmmaking assignment: As the noose of intrigue tightens, the passion between Lyra and Sam escalates with dangerous intensity. With the rugged FBI agent beside her, Lyra must learn to let down her defenses and follow her heart—even if that leads to deadly peril. Read more Read less. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Buy the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Sweet Talk Buchanan-Renard, Book Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Can these enemies find love? No woman refuses this charming scoundrel, until he matches wits with an emittered widow who tolerates no man's touch. Just when she needed an escape, a handsome Highlander showed up to kidnap her. A Mysterious Governess for the Reluctant Earl: He was sure that any other woman would have left the moment he laid down his demands. But he saw in her the light of a new beginning. Inside Heat Mustangs Baseball Book 1. Emotionally charged both on the field and off, the story will keep you engaged from the beginning to the final chapter.

The Dark Knight's Captive Bride. She is the daughter of his enemy An English lord must decide between duty to a king or love for a Welsh princess. National Readers' Choice Award Winner To escape the queen's wrath, Sybil rides off with a strange Highlander who claims to be her husband. Ballantine Books; Reprint edition January 25, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. He's back, and she's not planning on giving him another chance. Especially now that they're forced to work together.

Can bluestocking Lily overcome a love-smitten dog and an abduction plot to turn a rugged Highlander into a proper gentleman in this humorous Regency? A Lake Chelan Novel. Her wedding dress business and his firefighting and theme park building leave little time for love until it's too late Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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As she sat in her Professor's classroom film student Lyra Prescott, couldn't wait to finish her last documentary of the semester. Deciding to set up a twenty-four hour camera In a particular park, Lyra had no idea that in a very short time span, her life was about to change dramatically.

Stopping at a huge garage sale buying some old books and dvd's, was one of her favorite past times but when she arrived home to find her best friend and roommate Sidney Buchanan, at the mercy of two assailants it doesn't take Lyra long to defend herself while protecting Sidney at the same time. Who were those guys and what did they want?

With all her brothers being in law enforcement and knowing that they need help Sidney calls her brother, special agent Alec Buchanan of the FBI and he promises to send two bodyguards to the two girls right away. As a favor to Alec, FBI special agent Samuel "Sam" Kincaid couldn't believe how beautiful Lyra Prescott was when he met her for the very first time but he knew this was one woman,he should stay clear of in the romantic department.

He was there to protect her nothing more, nothing less. When Lyra first saw Sam Kincaid, she thought that he was not only drop-dead gorgeous with his blonde hair and bedroom blue eyes not to mention a body to die for by making all her fantasies a steamy reality. When Sam moves the two women to a safehouse, it isn't long when Lyra notices on the news that the house she was at earlier for the garage sale was on fire with two dead bodies inside. At first, Sam doesn't think anything of it but when Lyra goes to retrieve her camera the next day at the park, two men try to shoot and kill her and suddenly Sam believes it's all related.

When sparks begin to fly between Sam and Lyra with an overwhelming sizzle between them, a hitman makes his move almost killing her permanently.

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When Lyra is by herself on the college grounds, she not only thinks she has lost the love of her life forever but she has discovered the true identity of the killer. As Sam races against the clock to rescue Lyra, he realizes just how much he feels about her and whats more, how important she is to him and if one hair is harmed on her head, he vows to take the culprit out if it's the last thing he ever does! This book is my new favorite in this series. I loved sweet Lyra and her determination to protect her grandma and try to make some changes for the park.

If only she knew how much trouble she was bringing her way. Sam with his sexy Scottish brogue is amazing. I loved these two together and I loved the ending. I really enjoy catching up a little with some of the Buchanan's as well. I hope Sidney eventually gets her own book as well. Another fantastic five-star story from my all time favorite author. One person found this helpful. Like other reviewers, Julie Garwood used to be an automatic purchase for me. With this genre, you're not expecting a whole lot of originality or out of the box thinking, but Garwood was always funny and her characters were well developed.

After reading the latest book, Garwood has officially been taken off the automatic purchase list.