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The Crow is an animal seen in the first episodes of the show. Damon compelled the crow to spy on people for him, particularly Elena.

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First it bumped into Bonnie 's car in the episode, Pilot. Then it was seen on Elena's adoptive parents gravestone. At the end of the episode the crow flew into the Salvatore Boarding House introducing Damon. The crow was later used by Damon to try to get Caroline to help him out of the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House in the episode, You're Undead to Me. When Damon was left without his ring, he decided to eat the crow due to lack of blood. Food in The Raven Boys: Click here for my hand-made, Chicago-style, deep-dish Raven Boys' Pizza recipe!

Places to visit Maggie: Newer Post Older Post Home. This is my rendition of Noah in two versions whom Blue describes as "smudgy He was so shy and awkward and invisible that he could be easily ignored or made fun of. At points the level of detail did end up actually pushing me from the book and I found myself unable to read the book for a few hours just because the detail felt overpowering, like the author had tried so hard to immerse the readers and create a believable setting that it just ended up being too much and became overwhelming, almost so detailed and needing to be gripping that you could tell it was a work of fiction, I'm trying to say that at points the level of detail it had stopped it being immersive, so detailed it was obviously nowhere near real.

I must keep it clear that this book is great for those who love Sci. I just really wished I had caught wind of the series a long time ago so I could have followed it all the way and gotten a real addiction to it. However it wasn't meant to be and I was drowning the moment I begun reading but I loved what I read for the most part and I wish Vanessa continued luck with the series.

This is an earlier book in the Eric Olafson series, apparently coming right before the Eric Olafson: Captain Black Velvet book I reviewed earlier. This is another delightful romp through space — again mostly in and on the edges of Freespace. Could use better editing though. In the beginning, Eric and his friends are still Midshipmen in the Union Navy, although they are nearing graduation.

When he wakes up sometime later, he finds he has been kidnapped. He spends about the next third of the book escaping from that situation. Every time he escapes from one danger, he and in some cases, those helping him, encounter a new threat. Eric finally returns to a Union base at the edge of Freespace only to have it violently attacked by pirates while he is waiting to be reunited with his friends and receive his orders for his next assignment.

When they finally arrive after the pirates are driven away, Eric and his friends are sent to an understaffed new base as a temporary assignment. Here they have little to do except extending their training for a while — until the base commander turns out to be a traitor.

Once the cadets have taken care of him and his pirate co-conspirators, the commanders of the fleet show up, declare them graduated, and give them their own spaceship on a temporary basis, of course. They are given the mission of impersonating pirates and immediately set out on further adventures. I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book. Mar 15, Lilly Charysma rated it really liked it.

I have wanted to read a book by Vanessa Ravencroft since some time now. So I was lucky enough to be considered as a reviewer for this great story. Imagine how happy I was when I saw her name The story is very very complex. It has a lot of characters, it has a very well developed universe.

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I absolutely loved how detailed it was, even in the most unimportant facts. I can easily state that the praise that our author has received is well deserved.

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I believe this is what actually makes this book fab I have wanted to read a book by Vanessa Ravencroft since some time now. I believe this is what actually makes this book fabulous. There are a lot of different species and the way they were introduced in the story, gave this natural feel. I loved that too. The plot is as well quite enjoyable. I must say this is a generous book, as it has quite a number of pages. But at any time I did not feel bored or tired.

It kept me in there until the end. It starts with Our main character, struggling to understand who wanted him so bad as to stage his death. Although I am quite fond of the book and the author , there are some small items I was not very comfortable with. One of them is the alternation between the POVs. On one side, we have Eric, who narrates his own story, and the scenes in which he appears, and on the other we have all his friends, whose perspective is narrated at the third person.

While this is an interesting approach, it made me confused at times.

the vampire diaries – V. J. Chambers Val St. Crowe

Same goes for the increased number of characters. At the beginning, it was hard for me to remember who was who and from where. All in all, I enjoyed the story very much and I am so happy to have read it. Vanessa Ravencroft is a great writer and for sure I will read some of her other stories as well.

Mar 15, SerialReader rated it liked it. Eric Olafson, Space Pirate is not the kind of book you can finish in a day. It took me a while to get into the story and the myriad of characters but -to my pleasure and surprise- I have to admit that this is exactly what makes this book so fascinating. After the first few chapters what it takes to get acclimated to the futuristic environment you are literally teleported into a universe of mystery, adventure and non-stop action.

Vanessa Ravencroft has a spectacular imaginary world inside her ow Eric Olafson, Space Pirate is not the kind of book you can finish in a day. Vanessa Ravencroft has a spectacular imaginary world inside her own head and Eric Olafson, Space Pirate takes you right there where adventure, action and excellent characters reside. First in a series, this book could be read as a stand-alone Sep 06, H rated it it was amazing. Love the Olafson books, I simply could not put it down, from start to finish it really held my attention.

Love the rich variety of races in the universe of the Union and how even though they mostly get a long there are still issues and racial tensions. I hope we survive long enough as a spices to find such a rich galaxy full of life. Sci-fantasy I'm not a fan of fantasy sci-fi, but this story kept me interested. The editing was weak in places. I did enjoy the story telling style. I don't think the story ended. Sep 19, Stephen Marquez rated it it was amazing. This is my type of book. Good old fashioned sci-fi at its best. As Eric's adventures continue you just want more. The characters are well developed by this point and still there is more you want to know about them.

I would say this is a great set of books to get into. They are hard to put down. Eric Olafson, from the traditional Viking world of Nilfeheim, left his home world to fulfill his dream of becoming a space ship captain. He joined the space fleet of the United Stars of the Planets and began an adventure that took him to some of the farthest stars.

The action is non-stop. The only criticism of this book is the complexity of the situations Olafson finds himself in—sometimes switches are so abrupt, I had to go back and re-read several paragraphs to reorient myself. That having been said, it was still an entertaining read; perfect for teen and young adult sci-fi fans, or fans-to-be. This book feels like the second or third book of a series. You are dropped into the action immediately and none of the characters are introduced.

I actually checked to see if the author had published something before this. The pace is frantic, but there is no real direction. At the end I couldn't tell if the crew were any closer to stopping the bad guy, then at the beginning. Mar 19, Charles W Zopfi Jr. Awesome Wonderful story, exciting combat, a Viking in space, and an epic tale that should be read by all. Truly a great read. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Jan 31, Benjamin added it Shelves: About a quarter of the way through this book, I had to give up.

I couldn't suffer through reading it anymore. There were a number of factors for this decision. First, this was apparently a book in the midst of a larger series and it was even an entry of its own, sub-series. I had not read any books from either series, so I was quite lost when it came to the characters and other pieces of information that might be considered "common knowledge" by this point in their respective series. Secondly, I could not stand the constant stream of proofreading errors. Every time they came up, I was immediately pulled out of the story.

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What strikes me as odd in this second aspect is the publisher of this work: On their website, they tout that they only publish the best works determined by popular demand and some computer algorithm. Once the stories are vetted, they are given a cover by a talented artist and a review by an editor. I was directly approached by the Publishing Manager of Inkitt to review this story, along with two others Esper Files , and Esper Files: Clearly, this is a service that Inkitt does not provide. While the concept behind Inkitt is intriguing to me as an aspiring author, I don't know if I want to be associated with these works that haven't really been given a good vetting by an editor.

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  5. Maybe I was only given advanced reader copies of these stories and their numerous errata were fixed before publishing, but having read at least one of these stories in paperback form, I doubt it. An unpolished work that was probably rushed out the door by the publisher, I cannot give Eric Olafson, Space Pirate a rating. For more reviews of books and movies like this, please visit www. Feb 07, Arlene Arredondo rated it it was amazing. Action filled adventure with a diversity of characters that makes it entertaining and fun. This is definitely a must read for any YA enthusiast. Teenage approved, this story has some interesting settings and unforgettable characters.

    It could be read as a Standalone without any problems. Would love to see more work from this author in the future. Jan 06, Joe Crowe rated it really liked it.

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    There ain't a thing wrong with such a thing, and this one hits the right notes. It's fun to write and read about that kind of thing and Ravencroft nails the feeling and the tone precisely.

    Eric Olafson : Space Pirate

    Give this one a shot. Dec 28, Myron rated it it was amazing. Vanessa's writing is imaginative, thought provoking, very entertaining, and extremely hard to put down. I have read and reread the unedited versions and am excitedly waiting to read the finished hope it never ends polished version.

    Brazyl rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Themyronus Myron rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Lyle rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Fandagobooksl rated it it was amazing Sep 17, Goodwineplusbooks rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Timothy Moyer rated it it was amazing Jun 15,