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As a wolf-shifter, I shouldn't be attracted to the three burly bears of the Brown Claw Clan. But it's their leader, Cable that makes me melt with need. The way he looks at me with those chocolate eyes, as if I'm the only omega that can give him what he needs Kendra and Scott One Night Stand. The Lawyer Debriefed Me! Spanked at the Office. Girls In The Backseat.

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A Feast for the Senses. She's Wet and Wild! To Be Lawful or Seduced. Seducing My Older Neighbor. Serviced by the Milkman. All For Nun II. The Seduction of Imogen-Louise. The Darke Room, Sensation Book 2. Kelly Lucille Goodreads Author. Leighann Phoenix Goodreads Author. Eve Langlais Goodreads Author. Stormy Glenn Goodreads Author. Kim Dare Goodreads Author. Rosalind Scarlett Goodreads Author.

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We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or for being critical of a book. Anne 25 books 0 friends. Sarah 35 books 0 friends. Daniel 19 books 0 friends.

Tina books 77 friends. Vanessa books friends.

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Julie books 60 friends. Cal 20 books 0 friends. Dottie 27 books 0 friends. May 17, I think Kresley Cole's books that have werewolf hero should also be added. Dec 19, Change of Heart should come off this list since there are no werewolves in the book. Feb 18, Sep 27, A husband of a woman behaves strange, he has a affair with a female werewolf and is bitten, he starts to treat his wife bad, he bites her and they split. She moves to a new town or maybe she stays and the husband disapier, i am not sure , but she falls in love with an other man, who is also a werewolf, who lives in a small cabin.

At the end the husband and his lover are back and wants to kill her and her new boyfriend. Does anybody knows this book?

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I am not sure if there is a second book and it is part of a series, but I remeber an opend end, so maybe you can help me. Nov 29, Dec 11, A husband of a woman behaves strange, he has a affair with a female werew Jan 14, There is a second book in the series called Moonburn. Jul 14, Okay so, I read this book a little while ago about werewolves. There is a submissive female who was turned against her will, now she's the lowest one in the pack, and is starting to have feelings for their pack alpha.

A big beaten and feral wolf I think he was a wolf shifter is rescued from a research facility and brought to a safe house. He is unable to shift again for a good while. The guy owning the safe house, actually it's a farm kinda place, very secluded, is a bird shifter.

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He wears a special necklace and dyes his hair so to not be recognized as a shifter His mother and grandmother? The two mc's sets out on a rescue mission with many others and they manage to free them all. Now I've searched everywhere, but I cant seem to find the book. Has anyone read this book and remember it's name? I appreciate any kind of help, thank you! Nov 22, Unhinge Unhinge the Universe as amazing as it is, isn't a shifter book. Dec 07, Jan 13, I rely on this list for so much of my reading material now! I presume that things that just don't have ratings are probably new, but, it's fair to say that they could be old and just not reviewed Or is there another resource someone could direct me to?

Jan 26, Jan 27, Heather K dentist in my spare time wrote: Jun 23, Not sure why Song of Oestend is on here. I don't recall any shifting. Dec 14, Mar 30, I need help finding a book. I can't for the life of me remember it's name, what the characters were called or even the plot. Knowing me I probably dreamt the part I can remember and it's not even a book. Anyway, I thought asking was worth a shot. The only thing I can remember from this book - that I might or might not have dreamt up - is that one of the main characters was kept in the other main characters garage or shed or something.

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Then he lost control of his wolf and 'raped' the other man, who was his mate I think, although later in the book if it actually is a book he says he wasn't raped because he allowed the other man to do it, that he's stronger and could have stopped him if he'd wanted to. Any help would be much appreciated, even if it's just to tell me this isn't really a book and I'm losing my marbles.

Apr 15, I was about to buy this book then forgot about it and now I cannot find it. I think it is a series where a shifter falls in love with a human then has to leave to go on some kind of journey and when he returns his mates is in love with a vampire. They start a three-way relationship I'm pretty sure this is a book or I dreamed it but if it is a book does anyone know what it is called? Apr 29, I could use help finding a book!!!!

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When I was looking at books on allromanceebooks. For some reason the human grew up within the pact and was best friends with a girl. He moves away I think for college. The best friends brother comes to get the human for some reason. When the human opens the door the wolf shifter realizes that he is his mate! I am obsessing about this book and really really want to find out what the title is so I can read it!

Jun 05, Knowing me I probably dreamt the part I can remember and it's not even a Nov 07, Looking for some input, please. I am now just discovering this genre of reading astonishing, that and after reading about a dozen books or so I am getting frustrated. I do not understand how so many of the main characters are variations of a Ken doll. Perfect physique, no body hair, able to do anything imagination requires. Are there any good reads that include characters who do not sound as if they bathe in wax and pluck eyebrows?

I cannot picture large, powerful wolves shifting into man-boys. It doesn't click with me. I still enjoy the stories but I hope someone can direct me to a few titles that might make me roll my eyes less when it comes to body descriptions. As of now, so many shifters seem to have the same body with only variations in color and size.

All perfectly sculpted and hairless. That seems to be a small oversight. Any input is appreciated. I do not understand how so m I don't remember well about the details of how the guys look but maybe Unacceptable Risk would fit? Jan 28, It is a list to help the community to find more diversified shape-shifters books.

Enjoy and thanks for the help! Apr 23, May 09, It's a book in the Mates series by C.